Friday, December 10, 2004


The city made some progress on Wednesday when the judge hearing the Wellington case decided that Seeba was guilty of 12 violations and needed to pay up because they have been negligent. To the tune of $480K. Of course Seeba can appeal the decision. And this can drag on. My guess is that it probably will drag on in some form until the decision about where to locate the convention center is made. In today's column, Fred Lebrun says this decision will be made early next year. That seems to be much sooner than past projections but it certainly will help clear up this matter. If the city picks that spot, the city gets what they want and Seeba will get a lot of money. Its win-win if you are one of those two entities. The rest of us will have to make up our own minds as to whether the citizens won or lost on this one. If the city doesn't pick the spot, Seeba will either have to fix the building violations and pay their fines or they will lose the buildings for failure to pay at some point in the future. At that point there probably isn't much winning going on for anyone.