Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Creeping Decay in Albany

No I'm not talking about the decay of the Albany Democratic Machine. That would be "rampant" decay requiring "emergency demolition". This is just decay of the creeping kind. Nothing to fear here, people. Just a wealthy delinquent property owner that lives in another country that is trying to tear down one of the most historic sections of our city. Tonight we find out what the city has to say - can they create a gaping hole in the middle of our city or do they have to actually be repsonsible and secure the building?

Creep With Me

Soares Sentinel

I'm not sure who gets this Soares Sentinel, but I want a copy. Someone put me on an e-mail list.

Time to cut back on the white collar crime....

Mayor Plans to Get Agressive - About What?

The Times Union printed an interesting letter to the editor today. Some good food for thought. Just what record does the Mayor have to run on?

Not looking so good.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Mayor - Strangely Supportive of Soares

If you missed the Mayor's show today he was surprisingly supportive of David Soares. Said that they would be meeting and he was sure that Soares would take the job seriously. This despite 3 separate callers trying to entice him to denounce the Working Families Party (WFP) and Soares. Perhaps he is being a bit more cautious these days, what with everyone expecting him to be challenged in the primary next year. The topic of a WFP supported challenger came up quite often. Jennings aid he was "ready to rumble" and "rock and roll". He fell short of saying "bring it on", but the sentiment was there. He then accused Common Council President Defossis and Assemblyman McEneny of being "inconsistent and hypocritical". He said, "there are parts of this city they've never even been to" and that "I do a lot things behind the scenes that they don't even know about". Psst. Mayor....ah....don't brag about that. That is why we all want you out of there.

September isn't that far away.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

CoyneWatch Update

We've gotten an update from Mr. Coyne. The scaffolding is up and there is a dumpster out front. Onwards. I must say if the roof gets fixed before the winter that I can't complain about much.

The Mayor has No Coatails

Thomas Monjeau, a county legistlator from Albany, says the Soares victory proves that the Mayor "has no coatails". The Mayor doesn't have any Juice! The Mayor of Albany doesn't have any power?! I'm not sure that is how the Mayor sees it. But it does look like things are changing. As Common Council President, Helen DeFossis, says "This has shown a coalition can move mountains...There will be a search for candidates for every seat starting tomorrow". Let the searching begin.

Yeah, this has people talking! William Kennedy says the Soares victory is a "sea change". A historical moment as "surprising as Jerry Jennings backing George Pataki for Governor". Oh, yeah, let us not forget that history making moment. I bet that comes up in the Mayoral race once or twice.

And for some numbers to think about. Almost 24,000 people in the city of Albany voted for Soares even though Jennings wouldn't endorse him. There are only 37,000 Democrats in the city of Albany. And 65% of them voted against the Mayor's wishes. I think we may have some more history on the way next year.

You can read about it all here: transition