Thursday, October 28, 2004

Unavailable For Comment

On page B7 of the Times Union on Wednesday October 27th there is an odd occurence. Two articles about the Albany County District Attorney's race, both written by the same reporter, right next to each other. This in itself isn't so odd. The odd part is that in one article the reporter reports how Paul Clyne was found guilty of violating his Fair Campaign Practices pledge 3 times. He lied in his ads on three separate occasions. That is correct, our sitting D.A. lies on a regular basis. When contacted by the reporter on the story Clyne was "unavailable for comment". What's the problem Paul, couldn't think up another lie fast enough? But here is the odd part. The same reporter that couldn't get a comment about Clyne's lies had absolutely no problem getting a comment from Clyne in the nice profile she wrote about him that is on the same page in the paper. He sure seemed available for comment to me. Here are some choice comments ON THE SAME PAGE of the paper in an article written by THE SAME REPORTER.

"The knock on me is that I lack compassion" Paul Clyne, Page B7, Times Union

And this gem from someone claiming David Soares doesn't have enough experience to be D.A.

"I was fortunate enough to work in a field where I was given lots of responsibility in a very short time...I argued a case in the Court of Appeals 10 months after I was licensed to practice law" Paul Clyne, Page B7, Times Union

"I would never be characterized as warm and fuzzy" Paul Clyne, Page B7, Times Union

There are more quotes here if you want to read them. There are no quotes here because Clyne was unavailable for comment. Ah, The Clyne's Union....

Also, notice in this article how Soares is accused of "lying" and "complaining" but the other two candidates were found guilty of "misrepresenting the facts". Huh, misrepresenting the facts doesn't sound so bad, unless of course you call it what it is, which is "lying".

Paul Clyne has lied repeatedly in his campaign ads. The D.A. is a liar. I could care less if he was "warm and fuzzy". But I would prefer he tell the truth.