Friday, October 29, 2004

Mayor Jennings- No gangs, just graffiti

In case you missed the Mayor's radio show this week. Just like last week two separate callers expressed concern over the gang signs showing up around town. Here was the response:

“they are not organized gang members…they are just grafitti artists”

“this is just kids misbehaving”

To which a caller named Sue responded “grafitti is graffiti..this looks like gang stuff”

To which the Mayor said “sue, kids copy and mimic and they want to be something they aren’t….there is no formalized gang involved in this….its a group of kids” and “if its gang activity I’ll be the first one to admit it”.

After Sue hung up the Mayor addressed the issue this way:

“all right kids, knock it off”

I'm not sure that is going to do the trick.