Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Dirtiest...Vulgar...Embarassing....Thanks, Mr. Clyne

Albany Law School Ethics professor Vincent Bonventre comments on Paul Clyne's attacks on David Soares character.

"It seems like a big to-do about nothing that is, frankly, embarassing".

This is politics. These days you expect it to get nasty from at least one side. So it isn't suprising that Stephen Downs, the retired Chief Counsel to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct calls the race for D.A. the "dirtiest and most vulgar campaign in memory". Sure, we should expect more of our sitting District Attorney. Honesty and ethics would seem to be a big part of his job. But he is about to lose his job and he is desperate and is showing his true colors. But when an Ethics professor calls your behavior, "embarassing" perhaps you've crossed a line you might not have wanted to. Can Paul Clyne survive this race with even a shred of respect and dignity left? Doesn't seem likely. And he certainly wasn't a gracious loser the first time, we can only wonder how he will take it the second time.

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And notice how everyone agrees the race is getting dirtier and the ones making it so are Clyne and Cusick.