Thursday, October 21, 2004

Clyne Hires Criminals

So if Clyne keeps turning up crimes that David Soares has committed, and he hired David Soares and the rest of the assistant DA's, doesn't that beg the question of, if you are the District Attorney and you can't hire people whose records you can't defend, doesn't that make you a piss poor District Attorney? Yes, it does. OK, Clyne, 44, either you are tough on crime and hiring good lawyers to enforce the law or you ain't. If David Soares isn't qualified to be D.A. then I'm pretty certain the guy that employed him as assistant D.A. for 4 years isn't even coming close to being qualified to be the boss. What's that Clyne, you don't like it? Too quote you, "too bad". Do you remember losing the primary and saying that it proved the democratic machine no longer worked? One of the few times you were right.

Uh oh, Soares has the democratic line on the ticket. D, Kerry....D, Soares.........D....done. Welcome to Albany. You'll be a great lobbyist.