Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Soares Gets Older

Apparently today was David Soares' birthday. Yesterday the TU reported that David Soares was 33 (Soares, 33). Today the ever vigilant M.M. Bolton reported that Soares is 34 (Soares, 34). Happy Birthday David!

Why would M.M. Bolton be so insistent on making sure we know how old our politicians are? Or at least one certain candidate. She mentions Mayor Jennings in the article and fails to mention his age. McEneny gets his mention but no date stamp. Did she "out" our favorite Chairman Kermani? No. He could be senile and 85 for all we know and she just leaves us in the dark. But she is on her game when it comes to Soares, 34.

And what about the Republican candidate Roger Cusick, 54. This is a guy that is coming out of retirement to run for D.A. Shouldn't we be concerned about this? What if he gets elected and decides its too much work and retires again?