Monday, September 27, 2004

Clyne Joins Republicans

So our District Attorney (old man Clyne) has now joined our ever inventive Republican Chairman Kermani (age unreported) to sue the David Soares campaign about financing. The issue here is that they are worried about people from "downstate" buying votes here in Albany. After Soares crushed Clyne 44 in the primary the Mayor attributed it to the "several hundred thousand dollars" of downstate money that Soares allegedly spent. A statement which the TU reported and failed to investigate or challenge which would have been what a reporter would do since the statement was an outrageous lie. Than the TU decided to write some more about it and said that the Soares campaign spent $125,000 in downstate money to win the campaign. Of course this also was a lie. That was the total spent on the campaign. A lot of that was local money. Should we expect our reporters to ask questions and do accurate research? Did the reporters go out of there way to find out how much money Clyne 44 spent on all those TV ads with the flashing red lights? No. All they would admit to was that Clyne spent a similar amount of money as Soares. Similar? Sounds like he might have spent more and they don't want to admit that Clyne 44 lost because the people don't like him. As the TU even reported, he is "surly". And a sore loser. And he didn't lose because he was outspent. And today he is also a traitor. Joining the Republicans to sue David Soares and demanding he return $50,118. The Republicans are suing a democrat for $50K spent in a democratic race. Kermani is deeply concerned about "this kind of money". He states, "my concern is that this kind of money has flowed into Albany County". He is concerned that "huge sums of outside money are influencing local elections". Hmmm. Huge like $50,000? How about huge like a half million dollars? That would be huge. And that is the amount of money Republicans have recently given to local candidate Mike Conners for his campaign as part of a "state wide Senate election strategy". Whoa! Do you mean to say that $500,000 didn't just come from the residents of Albany? Could it be possible that Mr. Kermani is a lying hypocrite? Where did that money come from? Any reporters looking into that? And while you are at it, where did Clyne 44 get over a hundred thousand dollars for his primary campaign? I hope it didn't come from the Albany Democratic party because that would be illegal.

I'm hoping the judge sides with Clyne and the Republicans. If they think this is the type of behavior that will get them elected, I think they couldn't be more wrong. Take away $50K and more money will rush in to replace it. People are sick of this. You lost. The Mayor endorsed you. And you lost. The Times Union didn't endorse you, but they didn't endorse your competitor. And you lost. And you will lose again. Clyne and Soares spent similar amounts of money and Soares crushed the incumbent Clyne. Sounds like the people got to know both candidates and chose the one they liked better. Perhaps when Mayor Jennings said, "people don't care about the Rockerfeller Drug Laws" he was wrong. Could it be that people voted based on the issues? What if this started a trend?