Sunday, September 26, 2004

Are you one? Are you two?

Try to read an article in the TU about David Soares or the elderly men he is running against without seeing their ages mentioned. Then read one about any other candidate. Why is it so important to know how old Mike Conners (running against Neil Breslin) is? Apparently it isn't. The TU never mentions his age. Or Breslin's. Or Mayor Jennings'. But you will be quick to find that David Soares is 34 years old. Gasp! That is right. And Paul Clyne, 44. Apparently this is one of the few things we should care about. And after weeks of writing that Soares is 34 years old, today the TU downgraded him to 33. That is right. Could they possibly be biased? So yes it is true...Clyne is older and has more experience. But Soares has worked for 4 years as an Assistant D.A. And if you can't figure out how to do your job or your boss' job in 4 years, you really aren't that bright. If it takes you 16 years, like it took Clyne 44, than you are a slow learner.