Sunday, September 26, 2004

An apologizing republican?

Perhaps this won't make him the next Karl Rove but you have to give him points for trying. Albany County Republican Chairman Peter Kermani, in an apparent move to tell the TRUTH to the voters and get the word out that David Soares is a MINORITY repeately referred to Mr. Soares as "Pedro David Soares" and stated that the reason he did this was that he thought Pedro sounded like "A first name he [Soares] didn't want anybody to know". Kermani was concerned that Soares was hiding the fact that his first name is not David and actually is Pedro.

That is right. The Chairman of the Republican Party was trying to accuse a Black guy of hiding a name that might make him sound like a Latino guy. Mr Chairman, perhaps you might want to go back to you Rove handbook and find some other lie you can spread that might actually have an effect. This has to be one of the most pathetic things I've ever heard. But I'm sure we have more on the way. The Chairman said he was sorry for the mistake.

The happy ending it that Soares name is P. David Soares. And the P stands for......Paul. He goes by David because that is what his mom likes to call him. Does that make his mom "indecisive" or a "flip flopper"? I'm sure Mr. Rove thinks so.